Hello everyone and welcome to Big Bang Bites. This is a family effort where I’m the cook and creator of recipes, and my daughter, Sunny, is the photographer. She’s pictured with the grandkids, Makena and Hunter, my little angels. Together, we hope the hearty appetizers and sweets will draw you in to give the recipes a try.

When I entertain, I always like to serve fun and delicious foods to impress my guests with, and I like them to go home with their tummies full because they’ve enjoyed everything. And if they ask that flattering question…can I have the recipe for that? Well, it’s the best compliment and thank you a hostess could ask for.

Presentation is an important part of my entertaining style. It has to be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. I like my party buffet to be a portrait of everything you want to eat, so I hope you’ll find my recipes delectable and picture perfect for your own parties. I want your guests to go home raving about your food and telling all your friends about your magic in the kitchen.

Born and raised in Hawaii, little tea sandwiches and those crackers and cheese boards were never the standard for a party menu. Appetizers were and still are for me, hearty mouthfuls. That’s where Big Bang Bites comes from because you won’t find tidbits here. So, my mission is to share favorite creations of my own and variations of comestibles I grew up with. And because I don’t like people to go home empty handed, I’ll also share party favor ideas that will leave your guests waiting with bated breath for your next party.

Thanks for visiting us and enjoy!

Pearl and Sunny