July 30, 2015

Maui Fries with Mustard Mayo Dip

Maui Fries with Mustard Mayo Dip

French fries served Maui style with a mouth watering, tangy, and creamy mustard mayo dip.

I really don’t like to deep fry because of the oil splatters to clean up, but the other day I just had a craving for Maui style French fries. Potato chips just wouldn’t do. You know the feeling.  Sometimes your mouth knows what it wants and nothing else will satisfy it. So, it was 98 degrees outside and there I was…frying potatoes. 

What are Maui style fries? Well, everywhere you go, foods have their own local flavors and Maui is no different. Maui style fries have to be eaten with a mixture made of mustard and mayonnaise. You can add a splash of ketchup, but the mustard and mayo is a must. That’s how we grew up eating our fries.

Oooooh, my mouth is watering just writing about it!

Anyway, you know those plastic squeeze bottles at fast food places that usually have either mustard or ketchup in them? On Maui, they have those, but there’s always one more squeeze bottle with our favorite mustard mayo mix.  It’s a like a staple.

When I came to California for college, friends thought I was a little weird mixing my mustard with some mayo and eating my fries Maui style. Of course, then they’d try it and hey, hey…join the club! But you cannot, I repeat cannot, combine the mustard, mayo, and ketchup all together. It’s not the same. You have to have your mustard mayo by itself, then some ketchup on top, if that’s what you like. I also love spicy things, so sometimes I add a dash of Tabasco sauce on top of it all for some heat. So scrummy!

I hope you give this simple, but tasty dip a shot. You just might realize your ketchup feels a bit lonely on those salty fries after eating them Maui style. 

Maui Fries with Mustard Mayo Dip

Mustard Mayo Dip:

  • 2 parts mayo
  • 1 part yellow mustard

Blend the mustard and mayo. The amount you make will depend on your fries. Remember to serve the ketchup separately! Splash of tabasco is optional. Serve with hot crispy fries.

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