January 25, 2017

Party Mints

Party Mints

Party mints tied into festive bundles made of colored tissue with streamer ends.

Earlier this month, my grand niece celebrated her first birthday. One of the sweets her guests were treated to were these coconut mints tied up into colorful bundles made of colored tissue paper with streamer ends. They were so adorable, I wanted to share them with you. Thank you Sydney!

The coconut mints were dainty pieces of candy, but for Big Bang Bites, well of course, I used bigger candy. With Valentines next month, I thought something red and white would be nice. So, my little bundles are made with those soft mint candy pillows that you can find just about anywhere. I love those soft mints. I think I ate most of them while I was putting this entry together. Then I picked up a pack of tissue paper from the Dollar Store, where I can never just spend a dollar. I'm sure you're all guilty of that, too.

You can use just about any kind of hard candy, except sticky ones for obvious reasons, and any color of tissue paper. Put them on the table by each person’s plate, scatter them all over the table, arrange them on a buffet, place them on a platter, in a big glass bowl, or send them home with your guest in favor bags. It’s a great idea for kids’ parties or adult events.

Party Mints

You’ll need:

  • Individual candies - not anything sticky because of the tissue paper
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Scissors 

Cut the tissue paper into pieces measuring 4 inches by 9 inches. Stack a few sheets together and cut the streamer ends 4 inches deep. Try to cut the streamers into thin strips. Perfection does not matter. Once you wrap the candies, you can’t tell if some are thicker, thinner, or crooked.

Party Mints

Place the candy in the middle of the short end without the streamers. Roll it up to the streamer ends. Fold one side over the candy. Then fold the other end over the candy. Twist the streamer ends to hold the folded candy in place. Voila!

Now you have two options. You can leave the streamers straight. Or, you can crumple the streamer ends. It’s whatever you prefer.

Party Mints

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