February 16, 2017

Wine Bottle Décor

Wine Bottle Décor

Turn any bottle of wine into a beautiful gift, décor, or center piece with some grapes, twine, and twigs.

There are tons of wine gift bags everywhere you look, but sometimes that favorite bottle of wine needs to be dressed for a special person, that hard working host or hostess, or an event. And it really doesn’t cost that much to do. In fact, the decorations on this bottle cost less than a wine gift bag, which generally runs about two to four dollars. And this looks so much better than a bag.

I turned to the good old Dollar Store and found some wonderful bunches of grapes in different colors for a dollar a bunch. They came in purple, orange, and green. I thought the orange looked good with the dark wine and dark label, so voila.

Wine Bottle Décor

I used two pieces of regular brown twine to tie the bunch of grapes to the bottle and tied two bows. 

To get that rustic charm, I added some twigs that I found in my yard…free stuff…and attached them with a glue gun. How did we ever get along without a glue gun?

There’s a nut glued to the centers of the twine bow, which I stole from my potpourri bowl. I wanted to attach a small pine cone because it’s winter, but it was raining outside, so my potpourri bowl gave up a nut. 

Like I always say, use your imagination when it comes to embellishing. Find things around the house, in your yard, in your craft stash, or in bargain bins. 

This bottle of wine came from one our wine clubs. We had to go there to pick up our wines, so I took this decorated bottle with me. The manager loved it and used it as decoration on their wine bar. Of course, she gave me another bottle of wine to swap out, so everyone was happy.

You can dress up your wine bottles to use as center pieces, too! A couple of votive candles around the base and you'll have a very creative looking table.

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