August 13, 2017

Wedding Wine Bottle

Wedding Wine Bottle

Wine bottle adorned with tissue, ribbon, and classic pearls for a bridal shower gift, center piece, or wedding décor.

I have a few weddings to attend in the upcoming months and I’ve been asked for suggestions regarding party favors, bridal shower ideas, and wedding décor. I’ve noticed wine bottles being repurposed for a variety of things, including home décor, wedding décor and center pieces, so I thought I’d come up with some ideas of my own.

I recently posted my jam jars decorated with tissue flowers, so I thought I could do something along that line. It’s kind of the same method, just on top of a wine bottle. By adding satin ribbon and pearls, your ordinary wine bottle becomes transformed into something quite elegant. Wedding elegant.

Rose wines have been making a come back and that pink blush just reminds me of weddings and showers, so I pulled out one of my favorites and got to work. I used a pale blush tissue, but white tissue would be equally charming and classic. And of course, use the colors of the shower or wedding for which you are making this.

This decorated rose wine bottle would be beautiful as a shower gift, prize for a shower game, or center piece for a table. Using empty bottles decorated this way with labels removed, they could be placed along the wedding aisle at the end of each row of chairs with some foliage.

And if you’re just giving wine as a gift, this is so much prettier than a wine bag, don’t you think?

You don’t need to use brand new tissue for this. Repurpose gift wrap tissue because wrinkles won’t matter. Place the tissue over the cap and secure it with a rubber band. Be sure the rubber band falls below the metal wrap, so you don’t see it when you pull up the tissue.

Wedding Wine Bottle

Gather the tissue upwards, making sure it’s pretty tight and even. Secure with a piece of string on top of the cap.

Wedding Wine Bottle

Snip off the gathered tissue. You should only have one inch of tissue left. Spread it open like a flower. You might have to snip it here and there to make it perfectly round.

Cut off the string tails. Tie a bow using a quarter-inch satin ribbon. Embellish with small leaves. Use a glue gun to attach six pearls.

Wedding Wine Bottle

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