June 20, 2018

Furoshiki Jam Jar Wrap

Furoshiki Jam Jar Wrap

Traditional Japanese cloth wrapping style called furoshiki tops this gift of homemade jam.

Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese way of using cloth to wrap items to transport. It is also used as a gift wrap technique when beautiful fabric or square scarves are used. Presentation is very important to the Japanese. A gift, no matter the value, is always wrapped and presented as something special to the recipient. The thought behind the gesture of giving shows in the presentation.

Some friends recently visited Japan. When they returned, I went to see them and took some of my homemade strawberry jam. Because of their recent visit, I decided to tie the jam jars furoshiki style. I have boxes of fabric, so I selected a Japanese print and created the Furoshiki Jam Jar. I think it’s simple and beautiful, and best of all, so easy. Not only that, it needs no other embellishments like ties, ribbons, or crafty items. The beauty is in its simplicity. If you can tie a knot, you can do this.

Furoshiki Jam Jar Wrap

Of course, you don’t need to use Japanese fabric. It would look equally adorable with a checked or polka-a-dot fabric, or even a solid. In fact, in Japan, plain fabric is often used when something is simply being transported, such as some books, a container of food, or a box of whatever. It's a beautiful way of being green.

You need a square piece of fabric. For large items, the thickness wouldn’t matter. But since a jam jar is quite small, a thinner fabric works better and is easier to tie. Depending on the size of your jar, you need to cut a square piece of fabric large enough to tie each corner together in a knot.

Remove the ring from the jam jar (a mason jar has a lid and ring). Place the fabric on top. Screw the ring back on. Bring two opposite ends together and tie in a tight knot. Normally, you would leave this knot as is with the tails sticking out, or you can tuck it under when you do the next step. But because the jam jar is really small, it kind of gets in the way, so I trimmed the tails off a bit.

Next, tie the remaining opposite ends in a knot, covering the first knot. Fan out the tails. And that’s it!

Furoshiki Jam Jar Wrap

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