January 20, 2020

Halloween Cookie Favor

Halloween Cookie Favor

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffle transformed into a spider sitting in a nest on top of a stack of sugar cookies.

Even though Halloween was months ago, I wanted to share this idea with you. Sunny, my daughter who takes all of my photos, made these adorable Halloween favors for our annual party.  I've had these pics for awhile and was going to save them for next year, but at my age, I'd probably forget I had them. So, I said, what the heck... just post it.

She used Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles, added buggy eyes, and piped legs onto them. Spiders!! They're so cute, I hated to eat them. She also did them in milk and dark chocolate to please everyone. The spider is adhered to a peanut butter cookie and placed in a nest of grass.  Sugar cookies are stacked on the bottom, which by the way are stamped with dinosaur feet.

And I love how she wrapped and displayed the whole thing. The clear boxes are perfect for showing off the gift inside, and stacked together, they also created a wonderful Halloweeny feel to her buffet of holiday treats. I let my box sit on my counter for a few days because I loved looking at it, and because I kind of didn't want to eat the little bugger. But then I gave in and he was delish!! 

Halloween Cookie Favor

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