November 13, 2017

Candle & Matchbook Party Favor

Candle & Matchbook Party Favor

Mini jar candles become a special gift when paired with decorated matchboxes.

Who doesn’t love candles? I sure do. Even though I always have candles burning in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or family room, I’m always happy to get another one as a gift. The smell of soothing candles wafting through the house is calming to me. And if I have a stash of new candles just waiting to be lit, it’s a little pleasure that makes me happy.  

Fresh flowers and candles can always be found in my house daily. So, when I found these mini jar candles on sale for a dollar, I knew I had to show you how to turn them into sweet favors. I like to have a pretty matchbox next to a candle in my guest bedroom to welcome people to light up when relaxing at the end of the day. It also adds to the decor to see an embellished matchbox that complements the room's colors.

The matchbox I used are just ordinary ones you find at any store. The matchbox cover is concealed with colored paper. Then I used a piece of knotted raffia to embellish, which is simple and easy to do.

Candle & Matchbook Party Favor

Other matchboxes that I’ve designed include gluing flowers on the colored paper, brushing the entire surface with glue and sprinkling glitter over it, or little beads…seed beads and bugle beads together. Like I always say, use your imagination.

Candle & Matchbook Party Favor

You’ll need:

  • Mini jar candles
  • Matchboxes
  • Colored paper
  • Colored raffia
  • Tape

Remove the cover.  

Cut a piece of colored paper a half and inch longer and a half and inch wider than the cover. 

Fold the long ends to fit the width of the cover.

Fold the short ends under the cover and secure with a piece of tape.

Cut a contrasting piece of paper to create a stripe. Secure with tape.

Tie a knot in a piece of raffia and secure with tape.

Put the candle and matchbox in a clear cellophane bag. Tie with matching raffia.

Candle & Matchbook Party Favor

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