November 8, 2017

Owl Party Favor

Owl Party Favor

Adorable gift bags adorned with colorful owls perched on branches.

Owls, owls. Whooo? Yes owls. They’re everywhere. On stationery, jewelry, fabric, home decor, plates, napkins, you name it. Lindsay has a thing for owls, so when she said she wanted to give her friends some nail polish as gifts for their get together, I said, how about owl bags.

For those of you who don’t know, Lindsay has a nail blog called Lacquered Lawyer. Check it out. She has quite a large online presence and does beautiful art on her nails. She even does portraits on her nails with tiny wee brushes. You’d think I would have beautiful manicured nails too, but sadly, mine look dreadful. It’s all that digging around in my garden and taking care of animals. Lindsay says I have Gumby fingers. Thanks, Linds.

Anyway, I came up with these cute owl bags that were perfect for her give aways. As usual, I often use my backyard for supplies, so as you can see, the little owls are sitting on branches just like in real life. The twigs were donated by the plants outside, but the leaves are from the Dollar Store. Yup…twenty-five leaves for a buck! Can’t beat that.

Owl Party Favor

The owls are backed with little wooden clothes pins, so they’re ideal for bag closures. I found those at World Market for about three dollars. They came in a package of ten.

I used different colored paper bags that are three inches wide and about seven inches tall. But you could also use brown bags for a more earthy feel. Small burlap bags would give it a rustic appeal. You could even use little muslin bags. Just have fun!

You’ll need:

  • Small paper bags
  • Owl clips
  • Twigs
  • Leaves
  • ​Glue gun

Fold over the top of the bag and clip on owl.

Use a glue gun to attach the leaves.

Arrange twigs like branches and secure with the glue gun.

Owl Party Favor

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