March 10, 2018

Wedding Candle Favor

Wedding Candle Favor

Simple yet elegant wedding favor using a small candle jar, tulle, and rhinestone button.

Spring not only brings flowers in bloom, but it’s also a time when we start to get wedding invitations. This month alone, I’ve received three “Save the Date” announcements for summer and early fall weddings. So I thought it might be a good time to create a wedding favor.

With all the weddings I’ve gone to in my life time, I’ve never seen a candle as a favor. I’ve brought home chocolates, Jordan almonds, cookies, cupcakes, wine glasses, fans, post-a-notes…go figure…and even an umbrella! Well, it was a wedding during the rainy season, so that was unusual, but thoughtful. And the guests actually had to use them!

I love candles. I have them all over the house and I’m always happy if someone gives me one. I think it would be a great wedding favor because every time guests light it up, they’ll remember their friends. This particular candle is a soy candle and it’s quite small…about two inches tall, making it a perfect little "thank you for coming" gift. Tulle is relatively inexpensive and the button I used is small, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, so there were several on one card. I experimented with a larger button, but it looked a bit gaudy. This small button is understated, but still very classy and elegant.

The lid on this candle is black, so I went with a black and white color theme. But you can wrap your candle according to the color theme of your own wedding.  

Wedding Candle Favor

You’ll need:

  • Small candle jar 
  • Satin ribbon
  • Rhinestone buttons
  • Glue Gun

Remove the lid from the candle jar. Place a square piece of tulle over the opening. Screw on the lid over the tulle. Gather the tulle on top of the jar and secure with a piece of ribbon. Glue the button on the bow.

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