April 25, 2018

Cellophane & Paper Jam Jar

Cellophane & Paper Jam Jar

Rustic jam jar topper using cellophane, muted tone paper, and twine.

I’m always trying to think of new ways to decorate my jam jars, since it’s one gift I often give to friends. Sometimes I think of ways to simply make my jars pretty. But often, they also have a theme.

This particular jam topper was a hostess gift for my niece, who was giving a birthday party for her two year old. It had a country farm theme with bandanas, farm animals, and cow party hats. So, I wanted my jam jars to have the same rustic feeling.

The paper I used is actually a pretty big roll of thin paper that I bought at Home Depot in the paint department. I think it’s the stuff they use to cover windows and parts of whatever that they don’t want to get any paint on. The roll is only about a foot wide, but it comes in really wide rolls too…probably what they use to tape over windows.

It’s quite versatile too. I’ve used it to wrap gifts…sometimes stamping dots or designs on it.  I’ve wrapped bouquets of flowers with it. And last summer when I had a bumper crop of asparagus, I wrapped a bunch with the tops peeking out, tied it with some twine, and gave it to my friend, who invited me to lunch at her home.​

For the jars, I coupled the paper with some cellophane just to perk it up. Shiny always does that. I used colored twine to match the color of the jams, but you could use regular tan twine, ribbon, or raffia. It’s all good for that rustic look.

Cellophane & Paper Jam Jar

​Cut a square piece of paper. Cut a square piece of cellophane a little larger.

Remove the band from the mason jar. Place the cellophane and paper over the jar. Screw the band back on.

Gather the papers on top. Secure with twine.

Cellophane & Paper Jam Jar

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