March 18, 2020

Spring Time Caramel Apple

Spring Time Caramel Apple

Pink and white striped chocolatey caramel apples dressed in pink and white for spring joy.

I’m not including a recipe for this post. I just wanted to share my Spring Time Caramel Apple, since I made these as gifts for some special people. And being spring, I wanted to use colors that depict the season. Fruit trees are popping and pink flowers are filling the outdoors, sooo.

Found a small garland of pink flowers and buds at the craft store and decorated the apples with them. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that I drizzled stripes of pink and white onto the apples to coordinate the spring colors. Michaels and most craft stores usually carry all the different colors of dipping chocolates.

The apples are wrapped in dollar store cellophane and tied with satin ribbon. Glue gun is my best friend here as I just clipped and glued everything together. To finish it off, I placed a gold straw over the wooden stick for a polished look.

You can find my recipe for this under Chocolatey Caramel Apple with Toffee Crunch. However, for this post, I used salted peanuts to garnish instead of toffee.​

Spring Time Caramel Apple

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