June 25, 2020

Decorated Jam Jar

Decorated Jam Jar

Blueberry jam jar dressed up with a blue tissue blossom is ready for gift giving.

This year is the first year our two small bushes have given us enough organic blueberries to make jam! I could only make one batch of jam, so these jars will be gone after this summer.  Can't wait to pair this with some baked brie on crackers or crostini. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough to give away to friends...sorry guys...but I was so happy I got to make my first batch of blueberry jam that I had to decorate a jar anyway and celebrate.

There’s no tutorial for this blog entry. I just wanted to share an example of another decorated jam jar for gift giving. It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself. 

I did a similar one with the same flower on the top center of the jar. Follow the same directions, but if you want the flower to be off to the side like this one, just pull the tissue to the edge of the lid and  secure it there with some string. Then continue with the directions. 

And remember to always save your used tissue papers to repurpose for  making these flowers. The crinkles and folds make better flowers because the crushed tissue gives more texture to the petals.

Decorated Jam Jar

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