October 23, 2017

Decorated Jam Jar

Decorated Jam Jar

Decorate your gift jam with colored tissue and flowers for an elegant touch.

I have a friend who is a sommelier and she recently invited Kerry and me to taste wines at the winery she pours at in Napa Valley. My boysenberry jam is her favorite jam, so I took her a jar of it, along with some strawberry jam. And of course I had to dress up my jars because I never give anyone an undressed jar.  

​On a previous post, I showed how to use repurposed tissue paper to create a flower top for the jam lid. Yes, save all those tissue papers you get in gift bags. This one is kind of along the same line with some added embellishments…flowers and leaves. I’m always on the lookout for floral decorations on sale at the craft store, so I have them on hand whenever I need them. This is where my stockpile of decorations come in handy.

This looks pretty fancy,  but don’t be deterred. It’s easier than it looks. It’s also inexpensive to do, although it looks like a million bucks.

Double decker compliments came when my friend said she couldn’t wait to dig into the jam for breakfast, but also did not want to tear apart the decorations. Thank you, thank you!

You’ll need:

  • Sheet of tissue paper
  • String 
  • Embellishment flowers
  • Embellishment leaves
  • ​Stamens for tissue flower
  • Glue gun

Remove ring from jar. Place tissue over jar and replace ring. 

Decorated Jam Jar

​Gather tissue to one side and tie with string.

Snip off the excess tissue you gathered to to one side, leaving about three-fourths of an inch of tissue. Cut off the string. Spread the tuft apart to shape a flower. Glue stamens in the center.

Decorated Jam Jar

Arrange two store bought flowers up against the tissue flower you created, and another in front of the two. See finished jar. Add the leaves.

Decorated Jam Jar

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