April 11, 2017

Garden Party Favor

Garden Party Favor

Put a pair of garden gloves and some treats in an earthy brown bag decorated with a sunny flower, and a packet of seeds for a delightful garden party favor.

A friend asked me for some ideas for her spring garden party. She just wanted to have some girlfriends over for a brunch and she said she was going to serve small plate appies using Big Bang Bites recipes! Thank you, that’s so nice!

Her friends all garden or have vegetable gardens, so that was kind of a theme that came to my mind. I told her she should have her brunch outdoors…weather permitting…and decorate her table with a lot of flowers. 

I always like to give my guests some kind of party favor, so I suggested that would be a nice touch for her friends. Since they all garden, I came up with a gardening favor for her guests to take home. A simple brown bag has an organic feel, so I thought they were perfect. These were in a pack of 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Store. The flowers and bud picks came from the craft store, and I found the pack of wildflower seeds in my own seed file. But I told my friend she could easily attach vegetable seeds or any kind of flower seeds depending on what her friends would appreciate.

For the actual gift inside the favor bag, I suggested garden gloves. I can never have enough of them myself, so any gardener would appreciate a good pair. I found these on sale at Rite Aid for $1.99 a pair! And they fit like a glove…haha…so they’re not only comfortable, but I can pull those little weeds just starting to sprout. I bought five pairs for myself and picked up some for my friend’s favors. These even came in different spring colors, which was nice. Some other suggestions could include gardener's hand soap, a nail brush, and garden tags.

She was going to put some home made goodies in the favor bag, so now she has a fun and useful gift that her guests will surely enjoy.

Garden Party Favor

You’ll Need:

  • brown gift bags with handles
  • flowers
  • leaves, if the flowers don’t come with leaves
  • flower bud picks
  • seed packets
  • garden gloves
  • glue gun to attach everything to the bag

Glue the bud picks on first. Attach the flower. Tuck and glue the leaves behind the the flower. Add the seed pack. Fill with gloves and goodies.

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