July 1, 2017

Origami Wine Bottles

Origami Wine Bottles

Turn your wine bottle into an elegant gift with a paper wrap adorned with a classic origami crane.

When you give that special bottle of wine to the wine lover on your list, you have to wrap it. You could put it in a decorative wine bag…ho hum…or you could turn it into an elegant gift. After all, you just spent a tidy sum on that bottle and it deserves to be embellished.​

On a previous post, I decorated a wine bottle with grapes, twigs, and twine for a rustic feel. This time I wanted to share something elegant. So, I covered wine bottles with a simple paper wrap and adorned it with a single origami crane.

For the pink and yellow bottles, I used a marbled and polka dot printed computer paper. The green bottle is covered with textured gift wrapping paper that I happened to have on hand. But, you can use any type of paper you have handy.

For the computer paper, make a fold on the long edge, so that the finished size measures 6 and a half by 11 inches. The folded edge will be on the bottom of the bottle as you wrap around it. For the green wrapping paper, I just cut it to that dimension.   

Origami Wine Bottles

Lay the bottle on its side on top of the paper, adjusting it so when you roll it, the paper will evenly meet. Secure the inner edge with a piece of tape to hold it in place on the bottle. Fold the top corner down. Then use a glue stick to seal it close. Fold down the left corner of the paper as shown in the picture to create a ‘V’ shaped opening, kind of like the opening of a shirt.  Attach the crane with a glue gun, so the back wing lines up with the opening of the ‘V.’

The crane was made with a 6-inch square origami paper, but you can use any paper as I did with the green bottle. I don’t have directions for folding a crane, but it can be easily found online by searching “how to fold an origami crane.” There are diagram instructions as well as videos. 

I gave one of these bottles to a friend and she actually slipped off the wrap and said she was going to use it again for a gift. Hey, I'm all for repurposing. And it is kind of a shame to just rip it off and throw it away. So, I'm glad she's being green, too.

Origami Wine Bottles

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